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Any publishing company can produce a book: very few have the marketing and promotional resources to generate sales for your book.We have the marketing and promotion capabilities to get your book out to the whole world. Many authors concentrate so much on the publishing side they forget that this is only 20% of the journey; the other 80% is marketing. As Book Marketing and Promotions Specialists, we can help you to get your book out in front of industry people and find the right market for it.... At Invincible Publishers, we provide the most extensive distribution network opportunities available to independent authors. Distribution is a key component to marketing any title and we want to enhance every author's success with the industry leading, distribution partners. We hold the resources to distribute your book to a worldwide audience of readers.

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A business is supposed to make money, our model is not to make few thousands from the package you pay for, but we believe in making lakhs by selling your book.

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Maximise your book's sales potential. Reach readers all over the world.

Meet Our Staff

We invite you to meet our dedicated team and explore their staff profiles.


Vijay Kumar

Executive Director

With over 30 years of experience, effective leader skilled in developing highly productive, sales-driven teams by implementing customer-focused training and sales programs.


Ajay Setia

Publishing and Marketing

Aggressive Marketeer driven to exceed excellence in Book Market. Capable leader with motivational and Persuasive Style. Proficient in multitasking and Problem solving.


Amit Kumar

Sales and Distribution

11+ years experienced Distribution Manager with a proven record of working with Top distributors like Prakash Books and Kohli Book Distributors. Amit has worked on penguin books for almost 5 years under Prakash distribution.

Steps to be Invincible

If your dream is to join the ranks of our esteemed list of world renowned authors, we would love to peruse your manuscript and read your proposal.


    Nothing kills the credibility of your work faster than a book that’s filled with mistakes. Professional editing can dig deeper than simple proofreading.


    The popular idiom is “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but despite how true it might be in an idealistic sense, its not the reality of the book industry.


    Printing is the essential and concluding part of a process that begins with the creativity of a designer.


    Listing is the crucial part of publishing; Listing on online retail sites, Goodreads, Amazon Author central, Createspace, Ingram etc


    Many authors concentrate so much on the publishing side they forget that this is only 20% of the journey; the other 80% is marketing.


    Run exciting campaigns for Distribution is a key component to marketing any title; a proper distribution network is required to enhance every author's success.

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