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To create a best-seller you need to get your mix right and one of the most important elements of the mix is ‘Luck’.

It takes a lot of time and energy to write a book. It is a tedious but definitely an enjoyable process. Once you are done with your manuscript that is when the real challenge begins. Writing the right book, showing it to the right person who is in the right mood, in a right environment and at the right time, phew so many factors! But wait this is not all that needs to be done. The designer, the illustrator, the editor, the marketing guy and couple of other people who work towards making it a success weigh in too. Some of these factors cannot be controlled especially the exogenous factors (i.e. outside in the market) but majority of the factors are in our hands and can be taken care of. Writing a book requires hard work, dedication and persistence in one’s thoughts. Moreover, if you are aiming for a best seller similar factors come up many times.

There are tried and tested ways and techniques that you can use to make your book popular. It is beyond networking, friends, acquaintances, databases and knowing the powerful people in the trade and even their contributions in making the book popular are limited. A lot must be done before your book enters the market.

We know one thing for sure that if your book is written badly, no matter how well packaged and edited it is, it will never make to the bestseller list. A badly written book fails to grab people’s attention even after undergoing expert marketing strategies. We all have read of so many projects carried out in the market from cars to airplanes to computers that seemed perfect in terms of design, productivity, well financed and expertly marketed but still failed. Similar is the case with books, if you want your book to be truly successful it must have extraordinary content.

    What can you do?
  • The book should have a clear purpose.
  • It must be written keeping the readers’ ideologies in mind.
  • The content should not be ambiguous.
  • The title, cover, the chapter of content, the synopsis and blurbs reveals a lot about the book.
  • It must arouse goose bumps amongst the readers at regular intervals.
  • It must convey certain moral or information to the audience.
  • It must take the reader into a world he/she knows little about.

If you fail to do this, you will disappoint your reader and let them down. Bad news spread faster than good news. Remember breaking news on TV is invariably bad. Think of your book as a collection of many short stories where characters create stories.

Try and make your book unique as the subject matter, plot, summary and the characterizations are timeless. Your chapters should start with impact, fill it with action and intrigue with climaxes time to time that makes your reader hanging from a cliff. This makes your book relevant and the reader has no option but to continue reading.

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