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'On The Open Road' by Stuti Changle - Book Published & Promote By Invincible Publishers
On The Open Road by Stuti Changle

'On The Open Road' by Stuti Changle was released earlier this year and has since managed to catch a lot many eye-balls and minds alike. The success of the book has very many reasons and On The Open Road got just the right cocktail mix of factors that led to its mega success.

The young and dynamic author Stuti Changle has played an instrumental role in handling the marketing of the book and keeping its buzz alive all year round. The book has enjoyed a supremely active social media presence since before it was released. All the social media channels, both of the book and the author herself, remained flooded with posts which engaged viewers. They ranged from the acknowledgement and appreciation of reader reviews, give away contests, quizzes and an active author interaction.

The book was launched at 'WeWork' in Gurgaon, which is a popular co-working space and hosts variety of popular startups and established brands. Since the book is about the start-up culture itself, there couldn't have been a better choice of venue for hosting the event. The event saw an interactive conversation between the author herself and the popular comedian Anshu Mor who had left his corporate job himself many years ago to follow his passion of stand-up comedy. This was followed by a nationwide book tour where the author travelled to various such co-working venues to gain more visibility for her book.

Presently, the book has a fantastic 4.7 rating out of five on Amazon and has received flattering reviews from all buyers and readers, not only from India but worldwide. One of them writes, "On the Open Road is the kind of book today's youngsters would be glad to own. A short read spanning within 200 pages, brimming with hope and inspiration, the book is armed with the capability of igniting sparks of enthusiasm and encouraging the youth to embark on a road not traveled upon yet."

The book:

  • Had the first print run of 1500 copies, all of which were sold out in the first couple of months and has now sold more than 2500 copies.
  • Ran through the distribution channels of 30+ distributors.
  • Was made available at all popular book stores like Crossword and railway stations at all prime locations in major cities.

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